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Brand Values: Wild Ambr is guided by a set of core brand values that set them apart in the world of photography:

  • Elegance: They embrace elegance and refinement, ensuring that every image they capture exudes sophistication.

  • Adventure: Wild Ambr is all about capturing adventurous moments and pushing the boundaries of traditional photography.

  • Authenticity: They prioritise authentic connections, both with their clients and with the natural world, ensuring every shot tells a genuine story.

  • Personality: Wild Ambr's photography is personality-driven, reflecting the unique traits and expressions of their subjects.

Brand Personality: Wild Ambr's brand personality is a perfect blend of:

  • Elegance: Their photography exudes elegance and grace, reflecting their commitment to creating timeless images.

  • Adventure: Wild Ambr's adventurous spirit shines through their work, capturing the thrill of exploration.

  • Creativity: They encourage creativity and innovation in every shot, making every image a work of art.

  • Authenticity: Wild Ambr values authentic connections, ensuring that every photo tells a real, heartfelt story.

Brand Messaging: Wild Ambr's messaging revolves around their unique selling proposition:

  • Capture the Wild and Adventurous: They specialize in capturing the wild and adventurous moments that make life truly unforgettable.

  • Elegance in Every Frame: Wild Ambr ensures that every photo is a masterpiece of elegance and refinement.

  • Personality-Driven Photography: Their photography is all about showcasing the unique personalities of their clients, making every image a true reflection of who they are.

Colour Palette: Wild Ambr's colour palette mirrors their brand values and personality:

  • Soft Ivory: This gentle, warm shade reflects the brand's kind and thoughtful personality, creating a comforting atmosphere for clients.

  • Serene Evergreen: Green represents nature and growth, connecting with the adventurous and natural aspects of the brand.

  • Midnight Shadows: Soft black adds sophistication and strength to their visual identity, aligning with their value of elegance.

  • Amber Haze: Vibrant and energetic, amber evokes positivity and warmth, perfect for a brand that inspires confidence.

  • Rustic Plum: Plum signifies depth and emotion, capturing the richness of the stories they tell through their photography.

  • Honeyed Sandstone: Neutral and versatile, sandstone complements the other colours, adding to the organic and genuine feel of Wild Ambr's brand.

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