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Snag the Brand Audit Blueprint – your FREE, all-in-one audit toolkit for transforming your brand and website into a powerhouse!

This isn't just a checklist. It’s a revolution in a Notion board for small biz owners and service providers. Your secret sauce for sprucing up your brand and website. It's crammed with killer strategies and tips for a brand that doesn't just show up – it makes a statement.

With this blueprint, you’ll:

✅ Craft a name that’s more ‘wow’ than ‘meh’.

✅ Craft a brand messaging that’s like a magnet to your people.

✅ Scope out your rivals and outshine them with an unbeatable USP.

✅ Nail your audience's needs like a pro and connect on a deeper level with psychographics, values and vibes.

✅ Design a brand that’s more than a pretty face.

✅ Pick fonts and colours that tell your story, not just show it.

✅ Tailor your site to echo what matters to your tribe and go from blah to ta-da!

Hit download and make this the start of your brand's glow-up! 💸

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