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You know that icon in your niche who's unquestionably booked out, months in advance? Here's what they didn't tell you: their business is made up of feelings.

Because great design tells a story which makes people FEEL and those feelings bring in sales. Smart, strategic design makes you sought out and sold out for being you - unapologetically you.


So when you're tired of stressing over your business, let me take it from here. I'm here to make your brand do the work, so you can do more of what you love.


CLARITY TO CLIENTS™ (Brand Strategy)

Rev up your brand with Clarity to Clients™, where we dive deep to uncover the gold at the heart of your business and translate it into a magnetic brand that captures attention and converts leads.


No more feeling lost in the noise of the online space. This brand strategy service is here to guide you towards clarity and confidence in your brand messaging and positioning so you can say goodbye to those wrong fit enquiries and hello to a flood of dream clients knocking at your digital door.

With Clarity to Clients™, you're not just getting a brand strategy, you're getting a roadmap to success that's tailor-made for your unique business. Let's co-create a strategy that make your business sparkle like a disco ball at midnight.

BRAND NEW LOOK™ (Brand Design)

You're more than a business. You're a future icon. But let's face it, your brand? It's not iconic yet. Don't sweat it, it will be. With Brand New Look™, we're about to unleash the star power it deserves.

No more fading into the background. In this creative direction and brand design service, we'll dig deep into the soul of your brand and craft an identity that captivates hearts and effortlessly converts leads.

This isn't just about slapping on a new logo or a fresh coat of paint – it's about infusing your brand with personality and purpose. Get ready to give your brand the makeover it deserves! I'm here to turn your business from a wallflower into a showstopper that commands attention and loyalty.

SIGNATURE SITE™ (Web Design & Dev)

Your services are great and you know you've got a winning business on your hands. Your clients love you and you feel super ready to grow, but your website is a snooze fest. It's time to inject some personality and style. 

But how do you translate that into a website that attracts your dream clients? You need a Signature Site™. I'll turn your before into a jaw-dropping after. No more blending into the background with the other service providers.


With Signature Site™, you're not just getting a website makeover, you're getting a 24/7 salesperson that showcases your offers and sets you apart from the competition. It's time to launch your Signature Site. Prepare to be the website everyone bookmarks!


Let me guess, you've adjusted your rates and offered discounts, but still, it's radio silence. You've Googled all the strategies and downloaded all the freebies but you can't quite seem to figure it out.


When you're in the weeds in your own business, it's hard to see clearly. Sometimes the best way to see what's working and what's not working is from the outside. 


That's where the Irresistible Brand and Web Audit comes in. Think of it as your key to unlocking the full potential of your brand. I'll dig deep into your brand and website and uncover the hidden gems that set you apart.


No second-guessing or playing small. It's time to own your rates and make your brand impossible to ignore.

female business owner sat planning to book a free call with laura


✔️ You’re overwhelmed by the effort needed to attract clients

✔️ You want your business to work for you even while you sleep

✔️ You want to make more time for the things you actually enjoy

✔️ You’re tired of the endless DIY and Googling to find the answers

✔️ You’re ready to hand over the reigns and get a finished brand and website that just works

✔️ You're stressed by the idea of doing all the research needed to create something timeless

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