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Bold Colour Hair Stylists


Brand New Look


Alter Ego is a team of hair stylists and colour experts who empower women to go bold with their hair colour. Their colours span the rainbow.

Alter Ego needed a brand identity to help them stand out in an overcrowded and competitive hair styling industry. They empower women to go bold with their hair colour⁣ and wanted to emphasise their unique approach to confidence building.


Brand Values: Alter Ego is built on a set of core brand values that make them unique in the world of hair styling:

  • Empowerment: They empower women to express their individuality and go bolder than bold with their hair color choices.

  • Creativity: Alter Ego is all about pushing the boundaries of traditional hair styling, offering a spectrum of vibrant and daring colours.

  • Quality: They believe in delivering hair dye products of the highest quality, ensuring their clients' hair looks stunning and healthy.

  • Authenticity: Alter Ego is real, honest, and true to their clients, encouraging them to be authentic in their style choices.

Brand Personality: Alter Ego's brand personality embodies:

  • Individuality: Their hair colours are a canvas for personal expression, promoting individuality and uniqueness.

  • Creativity: Alter Ego encourages clients to unleash their creative side, offering a world of colour possibilities.

  • Confidence: Their products instill confidence, making clients feel like the boldest version of themselves.

Brand Messaging: Alter Ego's messaging centers around their unique selling proposition:

  • Be Bold, Be You: Alter Ego empowers women to express their true selves through daring hair colour choices.

  • Quality Matters: They prioritise high-quality hair dyes that provide brilliant, long-lasting results.

  • Authentic Beauty: Alter Ego celebrates authentic beauty, reminding women that confidence comes from being true to oneself.

Colour Palette: Alter Ego's colour palette is strikingly bold and edgy:

  • Black and White: The choice of black and white reflects their edgy vibe, adding a sleek and sophisticated touch.

  • Typography Focus: By keeping the main colours neutral, they allow their bold typography and vibrant hair colours to take centre stage in their branding.

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