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VA & Dubsado Specialist


Clarity To Clients and Brand New Look



Brand Values: Kat Bonfigt's brand is built on a strong foundation of values that shape her approach to business:

  • Reliability: Kat believes in the importance of consistent delivery and being a reliable partner for her clients.

  • Authenticity: She fosters genuine, heart-to-heart connections, emphasizing authenticity to build lasting bonds.

  • Efficiency: Kat's approach is all about working smarter, not harder, making the most of every moment.

  • Freedom: She encourages a balanced life that embraces both ambition and serenity, celebrating freedom.

  • Abundance: Kat's mindset revolves around limitless possibilities, where her abundance becomes shared abundance.

Brand Personality: Kat's brand personality is a blend of:

  • Honesty: She approaches business with heartfelt honesty, reflecting her commitment to transparency.

  • Resilience: Nurturing resilience is a core element, helping her clients navigate challenges with strength.

  • Rebellious Drive: In a world driven by hustle culture, Kat's brand stands out as a rebel, advocating for fair work conditions for mums in business.

Brand Messaging: Kat's messaging is rooted in empowerment:

  • Clarity and Ease: Her goal is to empower clients to run their businesses with clarity and ease.

  • Creative Expression: Kat believes in providing space for creative expression and financial empowerment.

  • Outsourcing Expertise: Instead of settling for DIY, she encourages clients to outsource to an expert for better results.

  • Business Alchemist: Kat transforms businesses, weaving clarity into their fabric and bringing joy and order to operational chaos.

Colour Palette: Kat's colour palette is vibrant and energetic, reflecting her values:

  • Lime Green: Signifying growth, renewal, and abundance, aligning with her values of Freedom and Abundance.

  • Teal Blue: A calming colour that signifies reliability, aligning with her focus on clarity and control.

  • Off-White: Providing a neutral backdrop that signifies purity, simplicity, and elegance.

  • Almost Black: Adding a touch of luxury and seriousness, enhancing the brand's high-quality offers.

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