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There is one big mistake entrepreneurs make with their business…This is THE most important thing to keep in mind.

Ready for this? It’s simpler than you think.

⚠️ Do not design based on your personal taste and style. ⚠️

You might think that the core of a brand should revolve around your personal tastes, your passions, or your inherent style. It's an easy misconception. After all, the brand is your brainchild, right? This is where SO many slip up.

The truth is, the key to branding is not about expressing your own likes and preferences. While those elements have a place in shaping the brand's voice and identity, they should not be the primary guiding force. The most successful brands understand that their identity should be strategically crafted around the interests, needs, and desires of their target customers.

Your brand is not for you – it's for your clients. It's not a self-portrait, but a mirror reflecting what your potential customers want and need, and how your product or service fits into that picture. It's a dynamic entity shaped by the desires, needs, and expectations of your clients.

Sure, your personal tastes add a unique flair, but they shouldn't dictate the entire narrative. Brands that stand out recognise that their identity is a carefully crafted reflection of their target audience's world.

To create a magnetic brand, you need to know your audience inside out. Dive deep into their preferences, explore their pain points, and understand their core values. This intimate understanding becomes the fuel for your brand's engine, propelling it towards connection and resonance.

Your brand is a conversation, not a monologue. It's a dialogue that speaks directly to your audience. Crafting a brand identity rooted in your clients' language is the secret sauce. When your brand resonates with them on a personal level, you're not just selling a product or service – you're offering an experience that aligns with their aspirations.

Now, this isn't a call to abandon your personal style. Your unique touch is what sets your brand apart. However, it's about finding the right balance. Let your personal preferences contribute to the overall personality, but let the customer's desires lead the way.

How do you go about this? It starts with understanding your target audience in-depth: their preferences, their pain points, and their values. Then, you construct a brand identity that resonates with these aspects, a brand that speaks their language, a brand that can genuinely connect with them.

This is not to say that you should completely disregard your personal preferences; they still hold value in shaping the overall personality of your brand. But the customer-centric mindset should lead the way. In doing so, you build not just a brand, but a magnet that attracts and retains your target audience.

The shift in perspective from self-expression to customer-centricity isn't just a theory; it's a proven strategy. By aligning your brand with what your clients need and want, you're not just creating a brand, you're building a magnet. This magnet doesn't just attract – it retains, creating a devoted community around your brand.

So, as you build your brand, keep this in mind: build your brand around what your clients need and want, not just what you like.

This simple shift in perspective can make all the difference in your conversion rates. This can be an out of the box concept, I know, but it works. Let me know if you have any questions about it.


At Laura James Graphics, I work with passionate & ambitious business owners worldwide to create detail-driven, strategy-led brand & website design because I believe great brands come from intention, purpose & passion. I help you connect with your dream customers, set them up for success and stand out as an expert in your industry to attract consistent bookings and higher-paying clients.

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