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Updated: Jan 21

Owning a business is HARD, especially if it's your first one (I can relate!) So I'm here to support you from idea to launch. It's my favourite thing to do.


- You're overwhelmed by the effort needed to attract your audience and want your business to work for you even while you sleep

- You signed up to be a happy business owner, but it feels like it's taking over your life, and you want to make more time for things you enjoy outside of your business

- You feel like you're chasing clients instead of clients chasing you

- You're ready for someone to take the reigns and give you a finished brand and website that WORKS for you

- You've got a business that you LOVE, but it's taking a little longer to get off the ground than you thought

- You want to look professional and attract higher-paying clients, but you don't know how to pull off that high-end design

- You've been putting hours and HOURS into your business, but you don't seem to be getting the enquiries or orders that you'd like

More than anything, you're ready to change all the above and get your business growing, connecting and CONVERTING to make the impact and income you've always dreamed of.

⁠If you are nodding your head, then it sounds like the 'secret' you are missing in your biz is something every high-achieving but stressed-out business owner needs. That is a business and brand built on strategy and intention, which I would LOVE to help you with.


⁠These high-converting, strategic packages are an EASY solution to build your brand and website. Over a dedicated project focused entirely on YOU and your business, I will work with you to develop a custom brand identity, discover your ideal audience, find out why you are the one for them, and set your content pillars so you know exactly what to talk about through content every week and then develop a plan to be FOUND by these people online!

Not only that, but you will walk away with the following:

- Confidence and a clear understanding of what makes your company different to your competitors, helping you to feel confident and better able to speak directly to your audience.

- A meaningful and unique brand identity that visually speaks to your ideal client builds brand recognition and makes you the obvious choice.

- A stunning website that increases credibility and provides your business with a sales machine that brings in leads even while you sleep.

- A business that aligns with an established strategy and attracts the RIGHT people and a sales MACHINE that works for you, even while you sleep. No more running your business at the mercy of algorithms...

- A stunning website - a sales MACHINE that works for you, even while you sleep. No more running your business at the mercy of the algorithms...

- A business friend you can seek advice from or chat with a business owner who's experienced the same pain points as you.

The only downside? I can only take on one Custom project or two Intensive projects monthly. So you've got to take control of your future and take action!


If you book as a result of this blog post, I will add an EXTRA follow-up coaching call 60 days after your project ends, giving you additional support to ensure you're implementing your strategy perfectly. Quote code "FREE COACHING" in your enquiry form to bag the goods.

If you want to find out more TODAY and start falling back in love with your business, submit an enquiry form here!

I cannot wait to help you stand out as an expert in your industry and attract consistent, higher-paying clients! You're literally one step away from succeeding!!

PS - Have a question about the packages? Just drop me a message! I'd love to answer any questions and support you in any way possible.


At Laura James Graphics, I work with passionate & ambitious business owners worldwide to create detail-driven, strategy-led brand & website design because I believe great brands come from intention, purpose & passion. I help you connect with your dream customers, set them up for success and stand out as an expert in your industry to attract consistent bookings and higher-paying clients.

I really hate digging around for the link I need. You too? Then you'll love this super Type A Everything Page where you can find an up-to-date list of every free or paid thing I offer in my business. So If you’re looking for a free resource, want to join one of my memberships or want to take a peek at the services I offer, you’re in exactly the right place.

Check out my Everything Page at

🪩 Explore Services: You know that icon in your niche who's unquestionably booked out, months in advance? Here's what they didn't tell you: their business is made up of feelings. Because great design tells a story which makes people FEEL and those feelings bring in sales. Smart, strategic design makes you sought out and sold out for being you - unapologetically you. So when you're tired of stressing over your business, let me take it from here. I'm here to make your brand do the work, so you can do more of what you love.

🧲 Book a Brand Audit: Reclaim pride in your business and turn it into a magnet for success with a strategic, done-for-you Brand and Website Audit.

🛒 Design Shop: Get guides, templates and resources made with YOU in mind.

📞 Book a Call: Book a free call with me to start crafting your uniquely memorable brand today.

🐙 Join me on socials: @laurajamesgraphics on all platforms

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